The life of small hands, a big heart and a burning desire to see the world know LOVE in an intimate way... And the adventures and life lessons along the way.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Secret of our heart

We have a hidden secret. Not many will speak of this deeply rooted desire. It runs our life. We try and satisfy this desire in so many different ways. Depending on your past, your heart, your surroundings, the people and things that influence you most depends on what you turn to for this satisfaction.
Some turn to food, others to every person of the opposite gender that they can get along with. Some turn into themselves and become hermits, while others cling for every bit of attention they can get a hold of.
It's the desire, the longing, the deeply rooted essential part of life. with out it we don't function as we should.
Love, true love, satisfies all. Love lasts, no more short term, quick fixes. Love is everlasting. Love overflows. Love abounds. Love never fails.
Cling to Love. Love will pull you out of the worst slump.
Love speaks truth. Love is truth. Love is life. Love is more beautiful than words can describe.


Monday, July 20, 2009


Staring out the window as we make the typical weekend trip to Amarillo, life irolls like a movie through my head. Decisions that have been made, refining times, mourning, celebration, anticipation, dread, friendships, they all run through my head. Analyzing my life, checking my heart. I find that over and over again, Christ lives. He reaches out and changes me. Fullfillment and love are found only in Him. That of the flesh, I despise, yet do things I don't want to, waste time, get distracted. Learning little by little, seeking Him day after day. Each step takes me a little closer, makes me a little less and Him even bigger.
I'm captivated by his grace and mercy. His enduring promises. His truth. His compassion especially on His children as seen in the old testament towards the Isrealites. This I want. I want to go farther, to be pushed harder.
His great love! This I chose to pursue!
The cross, the life, the defeat of death, the LOVE, the truth, do we really understand the greatness of this moment in history, when everythng turned upside down?
May we not continue to live under the law and not in Christ. But may we live in truth, in grace, in CHRIST! Don't take the cross in vain, its not by works, but by faith. Even though the fruit or lack of will show your true pursuit, it reveals a portion of your heart.
Christ spoke blatant truth to the all, he was compassionate toward those who were cast out, avoided, abandoned. He rewareded the faithful. He did it all in love, for he was fully God, God is love. He was also fully man, able to relate to us all.
He was so thankful always to the Father. He finished the race, sprinting.
May we follow in His steps, oh how I long too!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I am so thankful for the friends God has blessed me with. Their fellowship is so sweet. They are so encouraging!

Well I move to DFW in 5 weeks. And my mom is totally blessing me with her car. Jesus is so good!!!!

I am so in love with the Lord...Jesus the sweetest name I know!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Love Always