The life of small hands, a big heart and a burning desire to see the world know LOVE in an intimate way... And the adventures and life lessons along the way.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Have you ever looked at someone and seen such great potential? Something they can't see and think they are not capable of making an impact like that.
As I watch those around me I tend to look at all their good qualities and potential. That's how I see them, how I truly believe they are, just something is holding them back or covering up their potential. It broke my heart thinking and hearing the things that hold us back from fully living out who Christ has called us to be, created us to be.  From fear of what our fellow man will say about us, that which we might lose, to the lies we believe, how we as humans can be so critical of each other in harsh and unloving ways.
What would happen if instead of judging our fellow man, tearing each other down, and confirming the lies we each struggle with, we built each other up, helped one another overcome the lies and challenges before us, spoke truth and life? What if just once a week, a day we intentionally encouraged someone and spoke life? Death and life are in the power of the tongue...
I'm challenged to do this, and I want to challenge you to the same.
After all, Christ said the world would know us by our love for one another... so let's allow Christ to shine through.

With love....

Sunday, January 26, 2014


The other day in class I was trying to distract myself from the topic of the week, just a simple escape from reality. I found myself daydreaming of flying to Florida, Idaho, and Colorado to see my best friends. I saw Rachel walking along the white sandy beach hand in hand with Nathan as their precious daughter slept upon her daddy's shoulder. Rachel's laugh was so warm and voluptuous, you felt drawn in to this moment to be treasured. Then I saw Casey curled up in Phillip's arms, up on this mountain that looks upon Boise. Tears were streaming down her face and at first I wanted to run to her and comfort her, but I was held back- then I realized, they were tears of joy. Joy that God is faithful, that He provides, that His plan is greater and more wonderful than ours. Then I saw Brandon standing on this rock that overlooks the Springs, his eyes filled with hope and wonder- just in awe. You see, these dear friends that I've known for years, have gone through so much heartache as well as joy. They love deeply- but it's not their own love, but rather Christ Jesus in them. While they each have their own struggles, as do we all, they are following a God who makes the impossible possible for his glory. That's when I found my self doodling this in my notes...

The beautiful journey of life begins when the fairytale ends.
The fairytale is not the best part of the story... it's what happens afterwards. The journey of life... that's what's important.
You see, in class we've been discussing death and the care of a dying patient (I'm in nursing school). Not my favorite topic especially after losing so many loved ones, but it's not anyone's favorite topic is it? But it is one that needs to be faced.
How do we live?
What is the legacy that you are leaving?
Is it about how good or bad of a person you are?
One of strength and dignity?
One of generosity or selfish greed?
Is it one of long held grudges and revenge or of great forgiveness of the unthinkable?
One of a victim or survivor?
Or is it one of selflessness?
One that shouts Gods glory?
A faithful life spent loving? 

Who is glorified in your life?

So here we are, on the Earth in places near and far. What is important to you?
Time is short and we must invest it wisely in what's important. May our hearts be turned to Abba. May we walk in love with hearts of flesh. And when we fail, may we choose to pick one another up rather than kick dirt each other.

Love always....