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Monday, October 3, 2011

Welling thirst for Living water

There is a church in town that displays witty sayings on there marquee, but this week, it's simple and o so truthful.
"Seasons change, God doesn't"
Through all of life, Abba has been the same. He's never wavered from any part of himself. He has always spoken truth, always loved, always been just, always been good and always unfathomable. This past week has been filled with it's own worries, and yet I rest in His peace. As Jesus states in John 16 "I have spoken these things to you, that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have tribulation, but take heart, for I have overcome the world."
But overall these past couple weeks, I've learned and I've seen how disgusting I am. That this sin, which I fight with day in and day out, is muck. It's as filthy rags, even as used menstrual products. And who wants to be around that. Yet we all sin and all lay here in this state. What is it going to take for me to realize that no matter what Abba is here, with me? Jesus has taken this sin away and I am free from this. Well let me tell you...
There is a woman I feel like I can relate to in the Bible. She is by no means what we would consider a "wholesome" or "beautiful" woman. She is the topic of the gossip in town. She is the one who walks with shame, she avoids people, keeps her head down and would have the scarlet letter shining above her as a neon sign. She's made some mistakes and has even more regrets. Yet here she is in the presence of the Messiah, and she doesn't even know it. Jesus asks if he can have a drink of water from her cup... wow... there are just a few things wrong with this picture:
1. She is a Samaritan woman
2. Jesus is a Jewish man
3. Jesus asked to take a drink from her cup, which according to the law, would make him ceremoniously unclean
4. She has had 5 husbands and currently lives with a man who uses her
5. They are talking to one another in a public place

Yet Jesus loves her. Confronts her and lets her know He is I Am. This is only one of two times Jesus ever takes on the name Messiah. What does she need more than anything... the Messiah. So here her life is changed forever.
May we all realize and come to this point in our lives. When we hunger for the living water, and not drink from the wells of this world to be satisfied. May we see our filth and thank God for his redemption of our lives. May your life and mine be changed by the conversation with Jesus. Though short, it pierces to the depths of who we are.
So here I'm trading these rags for riches. To live a life set a part. Looking forward to the day, that there are no more tears of sorrow, and to be in the very presence of the Messiah. Abba, friend and Lord.

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  1. Good write sweet friend. You are precious! I need an update on life. Blog about that, too ;) Love ya!