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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Isaiah 61

Well today has been a ... to say the least a painful day. I asked the Lord to help me overcome not being as vulnerable as I want to with my house and to speak up like I do with the rest of my friends. Well he brought up something from the past that I had totally forgotten about and I supressed it for over 10 years... UNHEALTHY!!! Well I've been working through this for the past 15 to 16 hours and well the Lord is so good. He has helped me forgive, and see why it pertains to what I asked of him. I am so thankful and so blessed to have the roommates i do! As I just processed through all of this with them and am so blessed that they listened and prayed over and with me.
My roommate Brooke then reminded me of my passion... ISAIAH 61. She told me it's because of the life I've lived that I will have the testimony to speak to the broken hearted and love them and help bring healing. That I will walk in the authority of the Lord and see things come to fruition. This is where the fight is worth it. Even though not everyone will receive Jesus, or choose to walk away from the world, the sacrifice will be worth it. The sacrifice will be worth it to fight for my husband and my children. The tears and the pain will be worth it to see them grow in the Lord. Laughter and joy will come, for he turns our mourning into dancing!
Isaiah 61... is and will be my life story... all for HIS glory!!!

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