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Monday, February 22, 2010

A new start

What a week it has been. I had my first tire blowout, I met 2 of my new roommates. I said goodbye to an old friendship. Let go of a lot of stuff. Continued in worshiping the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Started a new book.

It has finally come. We are moving into the Beulah house this weekend. In less than 5 days I will be living with totally different people in a totally different environment. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I get to see my best friend in 2 week. See a wedding in 2 weeks. Go on a road trip with some of my favorite people in 3 weeks. Move in less than one and work a lot and go to school in between. I am so looking forward to this month as there will be on full week of no classes!!! YAY!!!

For the my heart...

I am more in love with my beloved today than I was yesterday
I am highly favored
I am blessed more than I can imagine
I am deserving of so much worse, but am treated as a princess
I am learning to walk by faith
I am learning what humility is and looks like
I am at peace
I am weak and he is strong!!!
I am filled with joy
I miss some friends
I am broken over the hurting
I long to get married
I am nothing
I have nothing
For all I am is found in Christ Jesus our Lord!

I am well!!!

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