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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A heart left hurting...finds healing...

A brief update...over the last month so much has happened that I can't even really begin to describe, but I am now in a new house and everything works and is running! :D

So a few months ago in January a friend of mine came into town and dropped one of his best friends off at the internship. I had the joy of hanging out with these two men of God and it was wonderful! We rang in the new year together and had a blast! That weekend I got to enjoy the company of my sweet sisters! It was such a blessing. Well on the way back to the metroplex I had to drop my friend off at the airport so they could go back home. On our way to the airport there was complete silence for about 30 minutes. You would hear some sniffling from one or the other and a deep breath or two. We were sitting and each asking God what was happening. Our hearts were breaking and we weren't sure why. Well before long he soon knew why his was and I was still wondering about mine. Well, here I am a few months later and I now know why. Friendships are dear to me, especially ones that the Lord has blessed me with. Now I must give not just some but all of my friendships over to the Lord. I have fought this for a few weeks, giving them over to the Father a few at a time. It's been really hard as I have shed many tears over each person who has impacted my life and loved me. And whom I have loved. Tonight, I sit here and want to let you know. Even though it's still kind of hard, I am so thankful for the Lord asking this of me. As I gave over each friendship, the Father filled the gap that was left in my heart. That yearning for companionship and fellowship was filled with the fellowship of sweet Jesus. I recently went on a short road trip with one of these friends that I had to give over to the Lord and found the time together to be very sweet, not because we were able to catch up, but because Daddy was first and foremost. I have found a love for my friends that I have never known before. Given to me by Jesus, to learn to love deeper. Something I have so longed for.
He has now asked me to give over my house mates to Him, and while I know it's hard I so look forward to this process for I know that this is the best thing to do.
I pray that Father does the same in your life at some point and that you find yourself completely satisfied in Him and loving those around you in a deeper ever more real way. A love that surpasses understanding and you find that through Christ 1 Corinthians 13 rings true in your life because of HIM!
Through this I know friendships will grow deeper and sweeter. May we continue to spur one another on towards love. Sharpening one another as iron sharpens iron and helping pick one another up. May we all come to a point to where we are so filled with the Holy Spirit that we can't help but love, truly deeply passionately completely pure love.
Lets run into the depths of the ocean....

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