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Monday, April 25, 2011

Gospel, prayer, storms and Perseverence

Gospel: God the Father knew that we needed a Savior. So he sent us his son, Christ Jesus. Jesus, teacher, taught us, showed us and revealed to us the mystery, TRUTH was laid out for all to understand. Christ, innocent and pure, was drenched in our sin and paid our price. Beaten, bruised, broken, torn, pierced... for you and me. BUT the cross isn't the end.... HE ROSE FROM THE GRAVE!!! Death could not defeat him and Satan couldn't hold him!!! Praise the Lord... Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice so we could have life!!!!

Prayer: Amazing things happen when we pray! I'm still amazed by this!! Prayer is way more powerful than we (at least i) give it. Prayer moves God to take action... isn't this amazing... that we can move on God's heart... if you don't believe it look in the old Testament, it's everywhere! From Esther, Abram, Noah to Jeremiah, Boaz, Isaiah, Micah.... and so many more... look in the New Testament.... Jesus prays for you!!! For you to be one with Him and that we, as the body of Christ would be one. How amazing!!!!

Storms: Physical storms, I love for their majesty that God displays, just watch as they form, the lightening sparks, thunder rolls and the rain pours!!! Hosea 6:1-3 is what I think of everytime!!! Spiritual storms, are hard, not fun and sometimes discouraging. "...But take heart for I have overcome the world"-John 16:33. While we may not see the purpose then, God is with us, and hindsight is 20/20. Praise the Lord in times of tribulation!!!! This I am learning, and I must say, it not only changes your attitude, but you are strengthened, just like the Psalmist David says, "The joy of the Lord is my strength..."

1. A guy I work with was in a terrible accident, but God brought him through. Now he encourages everyone ALL the time! He is a joy to be around and such a huge blessing! Even though everyday he suffers in great pain due to his accident, he is always thankful to the Lord and tells everyone how much God loves them! He always puts a smile on everyone's face! I pray that one day I will be like that!
2. A man lost his wife in a car accident back around Christmas. Although I did not know him before, I did know his wife from a few encounters I had with her. She was loving and shone the light of Christ, her very presence brought God's love. He is not bitter, but thankful for his children that have lived, including his then unborn son. I was fundraising for a mission trip that I go on in May... he brought his kids and bought cupcakes for them... my brief encounter with him and his donation spoke more to me of God's love and provision and peace than anything else that happened that day. Thank you sir for seeking God, even when it seem impossible to continue on. Your love for your family and God have impacted me deeply!!!

I want to be have the prayer life of Esther, the faith of Noah, the heart like David and Paul's devotion and Peter's zeal.... all pieces that show different attributes of our risen Savior...

till next time....
I love you all more than you know!!!

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