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Friday, May 1, 2009


So I don't know about you but I love my Momma! I have been thinking a lot about her recently and just how thankful I am that I have the Momma I do. You see my Momma is so beautiful. Her love pours out so plentifully! Can I tell you a bit about my Momma? But first let me say, you have to get to know her! You have to hang around and let her know that you love her. She fears rejection, if you knew someone from our past you'd know why.
My Momma taught me how to be strong. She is the strongest woman I know or can even think of. She raised three kids as a single mom going to college full time, two full time jobs and never stopped fighting for what she believed we kids deserved.
My Momma taught me to not judge people by the way they act or look but instead to love them and to choose to be thier friend. Once you get past the wall we all have built up for our so called "safety" you can see that everyone needs a friend. For that reason, my brothers and I were never in the cool crowd. When you took the first look at our friends you'd prolly just look away and move on, but I wouldn't have traded them for anything!
My Momma has always believed in us. She showed us that our dreams are possible and to not hold back!
My Momma taught me the importance of family. I have a very tight knit family and because of my Papa we learned that in a family you serve one another, you pick the other up when you are down. You hold them accountable. YOU ALWAYS POINT THEM TOWARD GOD AND PRAY!!!!
My Momma showed me that our life is not ours to take. Everything is in the Lord's hands.
My Momma taught me to be a completely independent person. She also taught me, that I must be completely dependent on the Lord God Almighty!
She continually reminded me that my Daddy will never forsake me, or hurt me.
She helped me know joy.
My Momma is amazing. I wouldn't trade her for the world and all that is in it!
My Momma taught me to look for the best in everyone, but to not turn a blind eye to the worst, but instead help them leave it behind.
My Momma taught me that even when no one understands, and no one wants you to do it, go for what you know you have to do.
My Momma, held me in my trials and times of pain, she was joyful when I was, when I cryed myself to sleep she was right there. When I was sick, she never left my side. She knows my good and my bad, she knows my past and present. She knows my dreams. She knows me. She is my Momma! I am so thankful for her! My Momma is so truly beautiful! My Momma is the best. She is not perfect but she is mine! I love her so much more than I could ever describe!
Thank you Momma, for all you've done and all that you continue to do!

Love always...
Your baby girl...I took a little while to get here, but I came when God knew you'd need me to love! Thank you for all the hard years, for all the good ones and for the ones to come! Thank you for never letting go of me and for fighting for me when all hope seemed lost. Thank you for holding on when you thought you could no longer press on. You've changed my life! I'll never be able to describe how much you mean to me.
Alyssa Danielle.

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