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Monday, April 27, 2009

A little update...more like a lil of everything...hope it's not too long...

This is a little update about my life and all that is going on...
Physically: I just have to laugh because the craziest things happen to me, anyways. I am really happy to get my wisdom teeth out in 2 weeks. Sometime around that same week I will also have my gallbladder removed. I am perfectly healthy to organs that just decide to stop working and there is nothing you could do to prevent it.

Mentally: Drained, but well. I have finals this next week and a half and due to other things I am just tired of analyzing every detail of a situation...what happend? I never used to analyze this much! I well, I won't anymore, not near as much starting now!

Emotionally: Full and very expressive, at least when I don't hold it back. I am very glad to announce that I am fully feeling and expressing! I am not numb, or suppressing my emotions. I don't have to make them up, or make myself sound like what I should be feeling! YAY! I am exhausted at the end of each day, but hey I gave my all.

Relationally: Well finding who my root friends are and which one are branches and which ones are leaves. Trusting the Lord, for his plan is perfect!

Financially: Daddy is taking care of me! He is providing all I need!!! Thank you Mr. Stoner for reminding me!

The joy of the Lord is my strength. In Him I take refuge. He walks with me through thick and thin. He never stops teaching me. He dances with me! I am amazed at his glorious splendor! He is Lord of all. He created you and me and loved us before the world ever began. He is glorious! Worthy of all our praises! His peace endures. He is faithful! These statments ring true again and again. :D I am weak, but He is strong. In Him we are holy and righteous! It's about time we start living like it! No doubts! For we must boast about this, that we know the Father and He knows us and our names are written in the book of life!

In this desert, I have found the greatest friend of all! I have seen a glimpse of this glorious splendor of a savior who died so Father could be glorified. A life that was spent bringing hope and loving the unloveable. Speaking the hard things. Only by the Holy Spirit can we understand what He meant when He wrote those life giving words in the Book of Life. For freedom we are set free. In this desert, here in the presence of the Lord, I find all that I've been searching, longing, yearning for. I am captivated. I am satisfied.
No this is not an easy season by any means! However, I am loved, cherished, delighted in, blessed, protected and joyful! I have a lot of hard things each and every day to face, but in this desert I see the garden in the distance. I take joy in the Father. I am held in arms that comfort, heal and lead me. I am taken care of. I am completely dependent on a man that I have never seen. I am held in the arms of my Daddy that I have never seen. He whispers to me, here in this desert, and I've never even seen his face. I am healing. He is glorious! He riegns in us!
Everything I have ever searched for in a man, in an earthly relationship I have found in my beloved. I wear a ring that is more true now, in this desert then ever before.
It's all a choice, a simple ask of help from the Creator himself.
In the pain there is healing, In your name there is meaning.
Tears, a sign of healing.
I still seeking after him! For my soul craves for Him!
I have been blessed with the best friends I could ever ask for! They've been there through the good and the bad. They saw me at my weakest, at my worst, at my best and everywhere in between. Yet they are always there, for we share the same Father!
See you all soon!
Love always...

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