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Thursday, January 7, 2010


So looking back on what happened this past year has encouraged me to run harder and thank the Lord for his faithfulness. The year 2009 was by far not my favorite. It was filled with turmoil and pain as well as reunions and goodbyes. I am thankful for this past year and what the Lord has taught me through it. A little of what happened in 2009:
-Gained lots of wisdom from Ninny and parents
-My best friend meets her future husband... she just didn't know it at the time
-I am out on my own, away from HA
-Learn to dive deeper and wait upon the Lord
-God protects me and my family
-I become very ill, at the time for an unknown reason
-Soon realize how thankful I am for my lifelong friends
-Go on lots of adventures just me and Jesus
-Go on even more walks just Him and I
-Watch close friends go through really hard things
-Learn to intercede and to not stop praying
-Get even sicker, can't move most days due to pain
-Become lonely and feel overwhelmed by isolation
-Learn to defeat self pity and listen to Jesus
-Lots of trips to hospitals and way too many doctor visits!
-Have surgery the next day
-See and understand to much greater level of this quick fading life
-Brother gets married two days later
-Wisdom teeth removed a few days later
-Learn to do what seems like everything all over again
-Come to understand more of who I am in the Lord
-Move to DFW and learn to live on my own
-Seek the Lord
-Wondering if I'm growing at all
-God shows me how he has been changing me
-Depending fully on God
-Live with complete strangers who soon become sweet friends
-New season of life
-Lots of roadtrips and even more conversations
-Go to see family, understand that this is not our home
-Become even more thankful for people and don't like materials near as much
-Live, laugh, cry, love
-Gain friends, lose friends
-Made lots of mistakes, Jesus picked me up everytime
-Challenged, pushed, loved, prayed for, rejoiced with and cried with
-Learn to love deeper
-Learned to run harder
So here I go, so much more happened, the above is just pretty general. Here we go, lets go to the throne, the place where we belong...right into his arms!
2010 is a new season, though this past year was filled with pain and brokenness, I know throughout this next year it will prove worth it. A change is coming! I'm excited to see what is in store for us. This year is a year of change, victories, pursuing dreams and walking out in faith. I want to see miracles happen, dreams become reality, new life birthed, new journeys begin and experience LOVE most of all in a whole new way. To fall more in LOVE.

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  1. ah, 2009. So much happened. Romans 8:28, right? ;) I love you Lys and I am very excited to see what the Lord does this year in your life.