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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Something is changing...

So much of my life I've seen good as far off dreams that'll never happen. As amazing things happened in my life it seemed all so surreal. Why would this happen to me of all people?! Then God showed me, not just told, who I am, who I really truly am. I began to see myself change, like I was watching my life in a movie or something. Then I no longer seemed distant from myself, but living here now. I thought my hearts desires could never be reached, but one by one they are being reached. Little by little small dreams I had became true. And now I see freedom, not from a distance but by walking in it. I no longer see things as paintings, but as real as my roommate sitting next to me now. The bride before the bridegroom is no longer just a poster on the wall, but understood and experienced.
The ladder grew, the colors came back, the storm more intense and yet more exciting, the items of the box no longer broken, the flowers blooming bright closer to the heart but farther in location. And so much more.
I hope you understand a least a little bit of this.
Something is changing, this is what I've wanted over the past year. I just didn't see what was happening in my heart. But now I see a small glimpse of what's coming. :D

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  1. *giggles* Wow, Lyssa, your post just made me so childlike happy. I think its because I can relate so much to the above, and I have walked this journey with you, so reading this encourages me so much! Can't wait to see you tomorrow.