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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Humility of a child

Matthew 18:1-6
Mark 9:33-37
Luke 9:46-48
Who is the greatest?
Jesus. Who is like Jesus? This little boy who was just walking by. Why is he considered so great? Because of his humility. What is so special about his humility? He depended on the Lord. He didn't stay back because of feelings of unworthiness, nor did he run ahead to see what was next. He stayed with Jesus right there. Not wondering off or trying to do things on his own. He knew he needed this Savior. He trusted in the Lord knowing that he would not lead him astray, but instead walk him down a path of righteousness and holiness. A path of servanthood.
Jesus is so humble!
He depended on our Father for everything, for the water he drank, the food he ate, the clothes he wore, the money he needed to simply survive traveling. He knew he needed God, and he trusted him. All the way to death on a cross.
Now I have to ask myself the question. Do I trust God to lead me and take care of my every need? Do I trust him to lead me down the right path, even if it meant dying in a not so pleasant way? Do I trust? Am I humble? Do I depend on God for everything? Or do I try to do things on my own, because I was raised to be independent?
I would like to say that I am fully dependent for every need. I'm not sure I am. I'm trying to be. And I definitely was last year! So I know he provides. I need Him each and every day. His love, his truth, his teaching. I need him to hold me and to talk to everyday. I'm learning humbleness like that of a child.
Well I'm off to crawl in my Daddy's lap! Oh how I need one of his embraces right now! He gives the best hugs!

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