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Monday, February 16, 2009

Well I have found myself in love with someone.
It happend so quickly and it wasn't till I paused for a moment and looked back. I have fallen in love with this amazing man. He is so kind and gentle. He is strong and courageous. He is a mighty man of valor. He loves me unconditionally. Everytime I mess up he picks me up and helps me get going again. Everytime I need someone to hold me he does, until I fall asleep in his arms. He is so close yet so far away.
He is perfect in every way. I'm sure you'd love him too! He is the one I've always wanted. He is so much more than I could ever imagine. He sees me as beautiful and without flaw.
Yeshua is his name
Jehovah Jirah
Prince of Peace
King of Kings

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