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Monday, February 23, 2009

I don't even know if anyone reads this but that doesn't matter...

I am excited about the begining of march. I get to see my best friends for the first time since we went our seperate ways in december. They are such a blessing! I get to introduce my best friend from Dalhart to these friends, who are some how, in a miraculous sort of way, closer than friends.
I'm starting to look at things in a much different way than before. I am so thankful to find a body of believers that allow God to move. They are a family. So welcoming, they are Jesus to everyone they meet, even outside the building.
Me and Rachel had our first full out verbal fight. The reason: we don't want to other one to get hurt anymore. We ourselves would rather be hurt than to see the other one in any pain. We are both learning trust. Just in much different ways. Boy how both of us have changed over the last year.
God is truly good! It means so much more than it sounds. This english language can't even begin to explain the beauty of the Lord.
Psalm 119 is so true! So applicable, I'm starting to learn what was meant when these verses were writen. I am especially fond of the last verse of Psalm 119(vs. 176). then go to Matthew 18:10-14. I really like the book of Matthew... you should read it sometime.
Questions are always running through my mind right now about the scriptures, once one question is answered, like 10 more come up!
The more I get to know Him, the more I don't know. :D
I am a great sinner who is in need of a mighty saviour, Jesus paid the high price for me! I was helpless and then rescued.
Food for thoughts....
-write criticism in the sand(like Jesus did with the adultress), carve praise in stone(like our names are in the book of Life.
-a healthy relationship is the union of two good forgivers
-it was in the moment of your worst sin that Christ died for you...thats the beauty of grace
-when you give your life to the Lord it doesn't take away your ability to sin, it takes away the possibility of enjoying it
-a short true though!
So this professor asks a guy if he thinks he can do 300 pushups in class in sets of ten, he normally does 200 a day, he agrees hesitantly when he is told he has a week till he'll need to do this. So a week later, the professor brings in donuts to class, exciting! He asks the 1st person do you want a donut, sure they respond, so he puts down a napkin and donut and tells the pushup man to do ten pushups to pay for this donut. The next person says they would like a donut when asked by the professor(they hadn't caught on yet), so the push up man does 10 more to pay for the donut. By the third person they catch on to what is happening, so when asked if he wants a donut the third person says no thank you. Professor says ok, grabs a napkin and donut and places it in front of the third person, sure enough push up man does 10 push ups to pay for the donut. Well this continues on and people passing by see that the class is getting free donuts so they start coming in and joining, well the class sees what is happening, after the pushup man has done about 280 pushups he starts shaking and the class starts yelling at people to not come in. Well, 360 pushups later, everyone has a donut in front of them, every one paid for with ten pushups. The professor says why not take the donut if it's already been paid for? It's the same thing with salvation. It's just sitting there, waiting for you to take a hold of it. It's already paid for. Just take the free gift.
hmmmm......why not?
Thank you Jesus!!!!

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  1. I read this! SO THERE! :P Wow that was beautiful. I am so excited to see you again! I miss you so much, in a healthy way :) You and Rachel have such great hearts, and even in the arguements you are being refined and brought closer together...only about a week left until I see your beautiful face. I love you so much! Keep posting, because I read it. Also read Psalm 57.
    Love you!
    ~standing on His Promises~