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Sunday, April 25, 2010

So much

Why so often do we speak death over ourselves. We say things that in the end I think have more harm than saying nothing at all. Why so often do we pull each other down, even though so many times we aren't aware of yet affect so many people. I wish we could all just be more aware of these happenings. I know that these things happen, but why do you dwell there in your swimming pool of death. Why do you cling to the lies that have come to steal, kill and destroy? You know the truth, you know the Father, yet why oh why do you choose death over life? Do you not remember the promises of the Father?! YOU HAVE BEEN SET FREE!!!! You know that you have to choose truth over the lies. So many are praying for you, so many are fighting for you. Look around... the Lord has his hand over you, he is pursuing you so hard!!! I want to scream the truth at you, but I know I can't. I know there is still hope, so while there is still hope, I will pray for you. I will stay here and petition on your behalf.
O Jesus, be with us all! We need your grace and mercy, your justice and discipline.

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