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Friday, March 27, 2009

A Turn Around

Last night was the begining of a turn around, a changing point, a few more faces in my dream about life.
It continued throughout today through conversations with a my brother who is so far away, a sister in South Carolina, a best friend in California, and it all started last night with my sister who has overcome so much in her life, faces what has happend every waking moment, and has scars that tell a beautiful story of God's grace and mercies upon her life. I was simply reminded of all the things I learned last year, the changes that happend in my life, the person that I am in Christ. I had started to take it all in vain, falling back into someone I refuse to be!
I am no longer filled with pessimism but JOY
I am no longer overwhelmed by sadness but seeing the HOPE
I am no longer listening to the lies and deception, but clinging to TRUTH
I am choosing to SEEK
I choose to LOVE
I choose to TRUST you
I choose LIFE
The Lord has shown me so much today and I am so thankful for HIM, for His mercies which are new every morning, and the grace that he has upon my life. For He knew my days before I ever existed.
Today is going in a journal that someone very dear gave to me at the end of last year. For it is a point in time, that things clicked and a portion of a dream that I had last year came to pass.
The faithfulness of the LORD!! Praise be to the King of kings and Lord of lords!
His steadfast love endures forever!!!!!!

Love always...


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